Best Programming Language for Beginners in 2024.

Welcome to our Google Story! Today, we'll explore the best programming languages for beginners in 2024.


Python remains a top pick in 2024. Known for its readability and versatility, Python is perfect for beginners. From web development to artificial intelligence, Python has it all.



JavaScript continues to dominate the web. If your interest lies in creating interactive and dynamic websites, JavaScript is a must-learn language in 2024.



Are you interested in mobile app development? Kotlin, endorsed by Google for Android, is gaining popularity. Its concise syntax makes it beginner-friendly.



If you dream of creating apps for Apple devices, Swift is the way to go. Swift is easy to learn and offers a seamless experience for iOS app development.



For the young and creative minds, Scratch is an excellent starting point. It's a visual programming language that makes coding fun and interactive, perfect for beginners of all ages