What is Internet? Is Internet really Free?

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What is Internet? Is it really Free?

You run the Internet, but have you ever wondered where does the Internet come from? And how does the internet work?

Looking at the growing generation, not much is possible here without internet. In today’s time, if the internet is closed for half an hour, then all your online work will stop. Today’s young generation gets restless if they do not get internet for few minutes.

But have you ever wondered where does the internet come from? how does it work? Why some get less and some get more speed internet? Who owns the Internet? How does the internet reach you? Why does internet cost money? Is the Internet is really Free? Today we know about all these topics.


What is Internet?

Internet is a kind of circle; it is connected to different country’s servers. Internet is an information system tool, which helps us capable of giving any type of information which is present in the server.

What is Internet?

E-Server is the first in internet, in which all the information in the world is saved, after that the server sends that information to the Internet provider. And the internet provider sends us the information what we want.


How does the Internet work?

Today the whole country of the world is connected to the Internet, and all the people also use the Internet. But you must not have thought that how the internet works, you would think that it works by satellite, but this is not true, 99% of the internet in the world works through Optical Fiber Cable. From the tower from which your network comes, the optical fiber cable is connected from that tower to the server.

Internet Fiber Cable

The Internet has to pass through three things to reach you, the first is TR One Company, this is the company that lays optical fiber cables all over the world and has a speed of 100 GB /PS inside each cable. Is., TR One Company has connected the whole country of the world, by laying optical fiber from inside the sea, the servers of the whole country are connected to each other.

The second is TR Two Company, they lay optical fiber inside the country, and connect to TR One Company and give them some money in return. And TR Three Company, they buy from TR Two Company and reach us internet, in return they take money from us per GB.

What is Internet?

How Internet work in India?

Now let’s talk about India, the landing point of Optical Fiber Cable in India is in Mumbai. And different telecom companies in India like: JIO, AIRTEL, VODA, IDEA etc. have maintained their own networking structure.

What is Internet Cable?

If you want to visit any website from all over India whose server is in foreign countries, then its traffic passes through the landing point of India. And it reaches the website through the server, where you want to visit.


How did Jio bring 4G and 5G connectivity?

So, let’s talk about Jio, it has laid its own Optical Fiber Cable in almost half the world. And they also have laid their own optical fiber all over India. Due to which it gives a lot of speed.

Reliance Jio Company has laid its own Submarine Cable between Europe, Asia and Africa, so that it has got a capacity of 40 Terabyte (TB).

That’s why Jio sometimes gives you internet for free because they have one time investment.

What is Internet?

How does the internet get less speed for some and more speed for some?

Suppose Jio has installed a tower in your area, And in that Per 100 MB/ps. bandwidth, (Telecom Company also increase the limit of tower when needed). And all the people in that area are using 4G, so if you look at twenty – twenty, then only five people will be able to use 100 MB / ps.

So, if you use Jio then you will get less speed because their tower has 100 MB/ps. Or 1 GB/ps. Bandwidth is the limit, and in that all the people have to be divided. That’s why someone gets low speed, and some high-speed internet.

For this reason, you get more speed internet at night, because people are sleeping at that time, and users are less. And the speed decreases during the day because everyone starts using the internet.


Is the Internet is Really Free?

Yes, Internet is absolutely free but how it possible, you must be thinking how can it be free? But don’t warry I describe all about this below.

Is the Internet Really Free?

Suppose your friend’s house is 2KM away from your house, lay a cable from friend’s house to your house, then connect your computer and your friend’s computer with that cable, now you can share any data from your friend’s computer to your computer, that’s called internet. Here your money was spent only for laying the cable to the friend’s house.

Similarly, TR One Company, TR Two Company and TR Three Company take money only for maintenance and laying cables from one country to another, and for providing internet to us.

Then it happens that the optical fiber cable breaks and sometimes it gets cut, because it is inside the sea, and this cable does not run for more than 20 years, so they keep laying a lot of cables for backup in the sea, so money is spent only to maintain all these things, Telecom Companies takes money for these things from us, on the basis if per GB (Gigabyte).


Why does Internet not work after recharge is over?

If you used your limit data “2GB, 3GB etc. whatever you use” of one day or one months, automatically the server connection with your SIM (Internet Provider) get lost, work very slowly or disconnected with server. And after you recharge the SIM Card, again your SIM is connected to the server then you enjoy Internet.


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