Learn About Mobile & Disease caused by Mobile Phone.

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What is Mobile & Diseases caused by Mobile.

What is mobile, what are the diseases caused by mobile and how to avoid it-

Do you know that the smart phone that is in your hand round the clock, how dangerous it is for you, and what diseases can be caused by it;

You must be finding this a joke, but this is the truth and you can guess this fact, that continuous use of mobile makes your head hurt, eyes start hurting.

And you do not sleep at night, if the same thing is happening to you, then you have come under the influence of this disease, but do not panic, there is a treatment for this too.

Points to learn on this tutorial;

  • What is mobile –
  • How mobile works –
  • When to use mobile –
  • What diseases can be caused by mobile –
  • How to avoid mobile diseases –

What is mobile

Mobile phone has become an inseparable part of us human beings.

A mobile is a type of electronic item that people usually use to talk over long distances, but today a mobile is a type of laptop or computer equivalent.

In today’s time, different types of expensive mobile phones are coming in the market, now mobile phones are not limited to talking only, today’s phone has all kinds of features. Like: social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Playing games, Online face-to-face talk, Internet banking, Entertainment with many types of apps and in today’s time almost everything is found in Google, so people are completely depends on mobile phone.

What is Mobile

How does mobile work?

Now we will know how mobile works, to talk to mobile or run internet, first of all networking is required, such as: sim card, WIFI, hotspot.

WIFI and Hotspot, these features are in the mobile itself. But the most important thing is the SIM card, which connects us to the mobile tower, after that our mobile gets connected with which we want to talk to the mobile. only after that we can talk to other, through mobile phone.

You must be aware that a kind of wave comes out in the mobile and that wave is able to access the data of different websites in our mobile.

There are many elements in the mobile like electromagnetic waves, antennas, through which our mobile works.

When to use mobile?

Now it comes to using the mobile properly, due to which there is no problem in our body, there is no pressure on the mind.

You use mobile phone but make time table properly, do not use mobile during studies, if you use mobile then related to studies.

Do not use mobile while sleeping, it will not complete your sleep and the whole routine will be spoiled.

Important point, remember that you should use mobile only for maximum 4 to 5 hours a day.

What diseases can be caused by mobile?

Let us tell you an important thing, that the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the radio frequency of mobile phones is more than the radiation emitted from the bus stand, it means you must have to know how harmful mobile is for us.


This is a very big problem, when you use the mobile for a long time daily or use it till late night, the radiation emitted from it makes your eyes and mind tired.

The strong light of the mobile comes in your eyes, it is very harmful, due to the effect of this light your sleep also disappears, the eye becomes red and gradually the vein of the eye starts drying due to which your eyes become blind and You have to wear glasses.

Loss of vision:

Keeping an eye on the mobile for a long time has a very bad effect on the eyes, it weakens your eyesight, gradually you will not see things, things will not be able to see properly and you may also need to wear glasses.

Heart Attack:

Radiation of mobile can cause not only brain and eyes but also heart attack. According to a study published in the European Journal of Oncology, the radiation emitted by mobile and all cordless phones increases the risk of heart disease.


In today’s time people touch the mobile with their dirty hands many times throughout the day, many people even go to the bathroom with mobile, but do not wash the mobile and are unable to wash the mobile and always keep that phone with them. connected to your body.

According to a survey by Deloitte, more bacteria are found in smartphones than toilet seats. Where two to three species of bacteria are found in the toilet seat, at the same time the number of their species of bacteria on mobile is ten to twelve. Dangerous bacteria like (E-coli) and (Focal) are found on our mobile screens.

And hearing ability is also becoming weak due to the use of mobile, people have started using earphones a lot for their convenience, while driving, while sleeping, while listening to songs etc. This has a bad effect on the ear. And the hearing ability becomes less of our ear.

About Mobile Phone

How to avoid disease caused by Mobile:

You should use mobile on time or you should not use smart phone at all, but it cannot happen that in today’s time people use mobile.

If you want to use a mobile phone, then know that there is an easy way to avoid all these diseases caused by mobile;

Tips to avoid the diseases caused by Mobile Phone-

  1. First of all, make a time table and use mobile accordingly.
  2. Use mobile only for maximum 4 to 5 hours a day.
  3. Do not keep the mobile phone under the head or near the body while sleeping.
  4. If you study from mobile then put the mobile in reading mode.
  5. Keep the brightness of the mobile according to your eyes.
  6. Do not use mobile till late night, it can spoil your eyes.
  7. Never keep the mobile in your upper pocket, it can cause a heart attack.
  8. Always keep your mobile phone in dark mode, it will not affect the light of mobile screen in your eyes.
  9. If you want a happy, peaceful and healthy life then do not use headphones at all.
  10. Do not play games blindly in mobile phone for a long time, it can spoil your eyes.

I hope you have got all the information about mobile and treatment of diseases caused by mobile. If you got to learn something from this, then very good, and if you have any query then you can easily ask in the comment section.

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