HTML TUTORIAL Hello World Program

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What is HTML. Hello world in HTML.

HTML TUTORIAL Hello World Program

In this tutorial you will learn how to write first program in HTML, (Hello World Program), learn What is HTML? important tags of HTML and also read some MCQ Questions related this Tutorial. 

What is HTML?

HTML is the standard markup language for designing and create the web pages, web application and its documents to be displayed in web browser. Which is stands for Hyper Test Markup Language. HTML is a computer language, It describe the structure of web pages and web application.

HTML most important Tag –

  • <DOCTYPE html> : That means the “ Document Type” in HTML5.
  •  <html> : This element enclose every things inside of the HTML document.
  •  <head> : This element enclose the metadata of the document which is not show the main content of web pages. This includes tag <title>, <meta>, <style>, <nev> and more.
  • <title> : This element define the name and title of web pages.
  • <body> : This element enclose more elements like <h>, <P>, <img>, <b>, <br>, <link>, <form>, <table> and a lot more.
  •  <footer> : In this element include footer document in HTML bottom of the web pages.

Hello World Program YouTube Video –You also watch video for understanding Hello World Program in HTML.


HTML coding run, Hello World Program –

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title> Hello World </title>
        <p>Hello World</p>


Start and End Tag in HTML –

  • ·  <> Start tag is also called ‘Opening Tag ‘Example; <head>.
  • ·   </> End Tag is also called ‘Ending Tag ‘Example; </head>.

Example of Start and End tag –

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>  Shubham Verma</title>
        <p>This is educational Website</p>

Saving HTML Files –

You need to save your HTML file with extension of .html, If we don’t save file with extension of .html the file is not run in web browser.

Important Question and Answer of this tutorial;-

Q1. What is the full form of HTML?

   A.  Hyper Text Markup Language
     B.    Hyper Text Meckup Language
     C.    Hyper Text Markdown Language
     D.   Hyper Test Markup Language   

Ans- A (Hyper Text Markup Language)


Q2. What are the element manes surrounded by angle brackets are called?

A.    HTML Codes
B.    HTML Tags
C.    HTML Bracket
D.   HTML Targets

Ans- B (HTML Tags)


Q3. Which of the following is an end tag?

   A.  <head/>
     B.   </head>
     C.   <head>
     D.  <<head>>

Ans- B. </head>


Q4. Which is the following is an start tag?

   A. <h/>
     B.  <<h>>
     C.  </h>
     D.  <h>

 Ans- D. <h>


Q5. is the means of <DOCTYPE html>?

  A. Different Type
    B. Document Type
    C. Document Together
    D. Document Tag

Ans- B. (Document Type)

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