One Liner GK Quiz in English

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One Liner GK Quiz

One Liner GK Quiz in English

General Knowledge Lucent Quiz, Power Full 30 General Knowledge for All Competitive Exams. Geography Top One Liner (30) Most important Questions Based on Lucent.

Top 30 One Liner General Knowledge related Competitive Exams (One Liner GK Quiz in English Part – 2), GK Quiz Competitive Exams. All Question and Answers are very important if you are preparing for any competition exams, all 30 One Liner Questions are selected for preparing Government competition exams.

It is very important to know all the GK Questions and Answers relate Competitive Exams. All this types of GK Quiz are definitely asked in Government Competitive Exams and other all competitive exams.

This Questions are important for such exam; Railway, Banking Sectors, NTPC, Group-D, CGL, JPSC, UPSC, MPPSC, Civil Services Exams, etc.

GK Quiz

One Liner GK Quiz in English

Que 1. On the bank of which river is Kolkata situated?

Ans – Hooghly River


Que 2. Kolkata is an example of which type of port?

Ans – River


Que 3. By what are Kolkata and Delhi connected?

Ans – NH2


Que 4. Where is the Integral Coach Factory located?

Ans – Perambur (Chennai)


Que 5. In which zone of India are the headquarters of two railway zones?

Ans – Mumbai (Maharashtra)


Que 6. To whom does the Konkan Railway connect?

Ans – Roha to Mangalore


Que 7. What is the number of deaths in the given period of mortality?

Ans – Macro (Occurring in the population)


Que 8. What is the number of persons belonging to the same caste who came to the residence during the given time period called?

Ans – Immigration


Que 9. What is the birth rate measurement?

Ans – Number of births per 1000 population during a year.


Que 10. Which is the most densely populated state of India?

Ans – Bihar


Que 11. Who is mainly responsible for the decrease of female population in India?

Ans – Social Cause


Que 12. According to the population data announced in July 2011, what is the decrease in the child sex ratio in rural areas as compared to urban areas?

Ans – Four Times


Que 13. Which state has the highest female literacy rate?

Ans – Kerala


Que 14. Cookie is related to which state?

Ans – Manipur


Que 15. Which is the largest tribal community of India?

Ans – Gond


One Liner GK Quiz in English

GK Quiz

Que 16. What is Van Mahotsav related to?

Ans – Plantation


Que 17. What has increased the incidence of floods in North India?

Ans – Increase in Deforestation in the Runoff Area.


Que 18. Which one has been declared as a marine park by the government to preserve the coral reefs?

Ans. Gulf of Kutch


Que 19. The name of which hill station means ‘the place of thunderstorm’?

Ans. Darjeeling


Que 20. Apatani is a major tribal group of which state of India?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh


Que 21. What is the name of the research Centre set up by the Government of India to conduct research in the Antarctic?

Ans – South Gangotri


Que 22. Where is the National Institute of Botanical Research located?

Ans – Lucknow


Que 23. Due to which current the severe atmosphere of Maldives is considered?

Ans – High Population Density


Que 24. What is another name for the Eastern Coastal Plain?

Ans – Coromandel Coastal Plain


Que 25. Indian Standard Time is adopted at which longitude?

Ans – 82.5 E Longitude


Que 26. What is the southern end of India called?

Ans – Indira Point


Que 27. What is the rank of India in the world in terms of area?

Ans – Seventh (7th)


Que 28. The Indian subcontinent was originally a part of?

Ans – Gondwanaland


Que 29. Which countries are connected by the Palk Strait?

Ans – India and Sri Lanka


Que 30. Which country shares the least international border of India?

Ans – Afghanistan

General Knowledge (GK) General Knowledge Quiz Questions are asked in all Competitive Exams like Railway, NTPC, Group-D, CET, UPSC, PCS, Banking, SSC, CGL, JPSC, Police Exam, MPPSC etc. And we try to give you general knowledge quiz related to this type of exam. We bring you GK Question Answers related to subjects like History, Geography, Art & Culture, Science, Technologies, Environment, Politics etc.

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