Computer One Liner GK

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Computer GK

Computer One Liner GK

Top 50 Computer One Liner GK, General Knowledge of Computer, Questions and Answers related computer in English. All Question and Answers are very important if you are if you are increasing knowledge in computer subjects, all 50 Questions are selected for preparing competition exams.

It is very important to know all the GK Questions and Answers relate Competitive Exams. All this types of GK Quiz (Computer One liner GK) are asked in Competitive Exams.

Computer One Liner GK

Computer GK Questions

Q1. What is the BASIC language used for?

Ans – To teach simple language in the beginning


Q2. C, BASIC, COBOL and Java languages ​​are examples of

Ans – High Label


Q3. What is CD-ROM?

Ans – Magnetic memory


Q4. What was ENIAC?

Ans – An electronics computer


Q5. Which language is called the ‘foundation stone’ for teaching languages ​​like FORTAN, ALGOL, PASCAL etc.?



Q6. Who is the inventor and founder of www?

Ans – Tim Berners Lee


Q7. What is a high-level computer language similar to the English language?



Q8. What is the main page of websites called?

Ans – Homepage


Q9. What types are small and inexpensive computers built into many home appliances?

Ans – Microcomputer


Q10. By whom are IC chips manufactured?

Ans – From Semiconductor


Q11. What is the most used input device nowadays?

Ans- Mouse


Q12. What is meant by the process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet?

Ans – Downloading


Q13. What is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do?

Ans – Program


Q14. Who is considered the father of E-mail?

Ans – Ray Tomlinson


Q15. What is a device that connects a computer to a telephone line?

Ans – Modem


Q16. Printer is an example of which device?

Ans – Output Device


Q17. A computer’s memory is usually expressed in terms of kilobytes or megabytes. How many digits is a byte made up of?

Ans – Eight Binary Digits


Q18. What is a complete electronics circuit with transistors and other electronics components on a tiny silicon chip called?

Ans – Integrative Circuit


Q19. How many bits make up a byte?

Ans – Eight

Computer One Liner GK


Q20. Which data communication method is used to send data in both directions at the same time?

Ans – Full Duplex


Q21. What is APPLE?

Ans – A fourth generation Computer


Q22. What is MS Word used for?

Ans – For phrasing data correction


Q23. What is Alta-Vista?

Ans – Search Engine


Q24. What is that part of the computer that no one can touch?

Ans – Software


Q25. Who displays errors in computer data?

Ans – Bug

Computer One Liner GK

Q26. What are the instructions or programs for controlling the computer called?

Ans – Software


Q27. What type of device is a computer monitor?

Ans – Output


Q28. How many bytes are there in a megabyte in computer language?

Ans – 1000000 Bytes


Q29. The transfer of computer data from CPU to peripheral devices is achieved through

Ans – Computer Ports


Q30. What is the main sister board of a computer called?

Ans – Motherboard


Q31. IC Chips for computers are usually made by?

Ans – Silicon


Q32. Who tells the computer how to use its equipment?

Ans – Operating System


Q33. What are the physical components that make up a computer called?

Ans – Hardware


Q34. What type of device is a computer Monitor?

Ans – Output Device


Q35. Whose content gets destroyed when the computer is turned off?

Ans – Memory


Q36. Where does most of the processing take place in a computer?

Ans – CPU


Q37. How many bits represent a nibble in a computer?

Ans – 4 bits


Q38. What is the built-in permanent memory in a computer called?

Ans – ROM


Q39. What is virus in computer?

Ans – The program that damages the software of the computer


Q40. What is a type of window in computer?

Ans – Software


Q41. Where does data reside in computer memory?

Ans – Program


Q42. Computer virus is just one type of software, which mainly destroy?

Ans – Programs


Q43. Which part of a computer system can be physically touched?

Ans – Hardware


Q44. What is the smallest unit of computer data?

Ans – Bit


Q45. What do you measure the length of a word in a computer?

Ans – 1 KB


Q46. Who is known as the ‘father’ of computer?

Ans – Charles Babbage


Q47. What is the most important part of computer?

Ans – CPU


Q48. What is the physical structure of a computer called?

Ans – Hardware


Q49. What is the computer language COBOL useful for?

Ans- Professional work


Q50. In which field is the computer language FORTRAN useful?

Ans – Science

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