HTML Meta Tag

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HTML Meta Tag

HTML Meta Tag

In this article you will learn about HTML Meta Tag, how to use Meta Tag in HTML and why we used meta during coding of HTML. Here we define types of Meta tag and also define the use of HTML Meta with THML Coding.

Use of Meta Tag

Mainly Meta Tag is used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the great tools for SEO, through SEO your pages and websites are easily Indexed in Google and other Web Browsers. Meta element is also used for making a web page responsive.

HTML Meta Tag

The HTML <meta> element represent metadata, it should always be inside the <head> element. Meta is an empty element.

http-equiv Attribute

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"

You can see above meta data, this metadata is defines an instruction that can alter server and the user-agent behavior. The value of the instruction is specified in the content metadata.

name and content Attribute

<meta name="----" content="------">

You can see above name and content under the meta tag. The name attribute defines the name of piece of document-level metadata. It is associated with the value of the content attribute.

The value of content attribute contains the value for the http-equiv or the name attribute.

Meta Tag for Responsive Website

<meta name="viewport"
content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

You see above meta element; this meta data is used for making Responsive webpages and websites. You can use this metadata for making you website responsive.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with HTML Meta Element, The HTML Meta element is a great tool for SEO. It can help search engine know what a website is all about so it can be indexed and searched by people. Many types of meta element in HTML for different uses like you can use Description meta element for describe your website, Title meta element is define your website title, keywords, and Author, all metadata is used for SEO. We given you below all metadata with Coding.

 <meta name="author" content="Shubham Verma">
 <meta name="description" content="StudyMuch is an Educational Website.">
 <meta name="keywords" content="Study, Education, GK, Coding">
 <meta name="robots" content="INDEX, FOLLOW">
 <meta name="title" content="StudyMuch">

You can see above all metadata; you can use all this Meta Element for Search Engine Optimization of your websites. Through this metadata your website is Indexed in top of the web browser if people search your webpages and websites.

So, in this article you learned about the HTML Meta Element. Here you read used of Meta Tag, Types of Meta Elements with Coding of meta. I hope you read well and learned something amazing. If you have any questions and doubts, please ask in the comment sections.

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