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In this tutorial you will learn about the Internet, such as about the WWW, Web Server, Web Page, Web Browser, HTTPS, IP Address, URL, Internet Host, Domain Name, Types of Domain name, etc. now learn all about the given topic in details.

What is Internet?

Internet is the global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected network using standardized communication protocols (TCP/IP).

Internet is a kind of circle; it is connected to different country’s servers. It is an information system tool, which helps us capable of giving any type of information which is present in the server.

Short History Internet

The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. Department of Défense awarded contracts in 1969 for the development of the ARPANET project, directed by Robert Taylor and managed by Lawrence Roberts. ARPANET adopted the packet switching technology proposed by Davies and Baran, underpinned by mathematical work in the early 1970s by Leonard Kleinrock at UCLA. The network was built by Bolt, Beranek, and Newman.

ARPANET was the world’s first full operational packet switching computer network, developed by Advanced Research Projects Agency of U.S Department of Défense in 1969, it connected with only four computers, ARPANET adopted TCP/IP in 1983 and the network become the modern Internet.


WWW (World Wide Web)

World Wide Web is one of the services interconnected over the internet. It is a collection of all information from the server like resources, media file, multimedia, pictures, sounds on the internet which is formatted in HTML and accessed through HTTP.

TCP/IP – (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), it is a set of communication protocols which is used to access the internet.

Web ServerA web server stores, processes and deliver web pages to the user, the intercommunication between users and severs is done using Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP).

Web Page – it is a document was written in HTML that can be accessed through the internet by using the web browsers. It is identified by Uniform Resource Locator. Internet

Home Page – Home page is the default page of the any websites.

Web Browser – It is a software application that allows user to access the websites. Some of the famous web browsers are Google Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Apple Safari are some examples of web browser.

HTMLHTML is a Hypertext Mark-up Language, it is used to create the web pages that are displayed in the Internet.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), this protocol is used to transfer data over the web. It runs on top of the TCP/IP set of protocols. Is uses a server-client model.

Internet Host – Internet Host is a computer or application which is used to transfer the data on the internet. Each host has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address and it is known as Hostname.

IP Address – Internet Protocol Address, it is a logical numeric address that is used to identify the host over the internet network.

  • The stable version of IP – IPv4 (32 bits). It is written in decimal and separated by periods. Which limits the address apace to 4 294 967 296 (232).
  • Latest Version of IP – IPv6 (128 bits). It is written in Hexadecimal and separated by colons, the address size was increased form 32 bits in IPv4 to 128 bits, thus providing up to 2128 (approximately 3.403 * 1028) address.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator), A uniform resource locator is used to locate the address of a resource and protocol.

Uploading – It refers to the transmission of data or files from the computer to the internet server. Uploaded file can be retrieved by anyone.

Downloading – It is the process of copying files form the server to the user’s computer and mobiles.

Carbon Copy (CC) – It is used to share e-mail with one or more recipient. Both the main recipients and other (CC) recipients can see all the mail address.

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) – in this, the recipients of the message and other recipients (BCC) cannot see the persons who all receive the e-mail.

Domain Name – A domain name serves as an address which is used to access the websites. It can universally be understood by Web servers and online organization.

Some Top Level Domain are following below;

Domain Name


.com Commercial
.net Network-oriented
.int International Treaties
.org Non-profit Organization
.gov Government
.mil Military
.edu Educational

Domain Name System (DNS) – DNS translate domain name into IP addresses. It has a large database of domain names and its Internet Protocol Address.

So, in this tutorial (Internet), you read all about the Server, Web, etc. I hope you all read this tutorial well and learn something new from this article. If you have any doubt, you can ask in the comment section.

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