One Liner GK Quiz in English

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One Liner GK Quiz

One Liner GK Quiz in English

General Knowledge Lucent Quiz CTET, Power Full 30 General Knowledge for All Competitive Exams.

Top 30 One Liner General Knowledge related Competitive Exams (One Liner GK Quiz in English Part – 1), GK Quiz Competitive Exams. All Question and Answers are very important if you are preparing for any competition exams, all 30 One Liner Questions are selected for preparing Government competition exams.
It is very important to know all the GK Questions and Answers relate Competitive Exams. All this types of GK Quiz are definitely asked in Government Competitive Exams and other all competitive exams.

This Questions are important for such exam; Railway, Banking Sectors, NTPC, Group-D, CGL, JPSC, UPSC, MPPSC, Civil Services Exams, etc.

GK Quiz in English

One Liner GK Quiz in English

Ques 1. Where is the thickest layer of coal found in India?

Ans – Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh)


Ques 2. According to the constitutional position, who has the right over the minerals mainly?

Ans – State Government


Ques 3. Who is the inventor of computer?

Ans – Charles Babbage


Ques 4. What was the name of the first electric programmable computer?

Ans – ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) (1945)


Ques 5. When was the Atomic Bomb dropped on Japan during World War II?

Ans – 6 August 1945


Ques 6. When did the great revolution come in the field of computer?

Ans – 1960


Ques 7. What is the Hindi name of computer?

Ans – Sanganak (संगणक)


Ques 8. When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Ans – 2 December


Ques 9. What is the full form of CPU?

Ans – Central Processing Unit


Ques 10. What is the full form of the term HTTP in Internet address?

Ans – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


Que 11. Which country is called “Land of the Rising Sun”?

Ans – Japan

Ques 12. Megabyte (MB) is equal to how many bytes?

Ans – 1024 KB


Ques 13. 1 Gigabyte (GB) is equal to how many megabytes?

Ans – 1024 MB


Ques 14. When is the foundation day of Haryana celebrated?

Ans – 1 November 1966


Ques 15. Kilobyte (KB) is equal to how many bytes?

Ans – 1024 Bytes

GK Quiz in English

One Liner GK Quiz in English

Ques 16. What is the official language of Haryana?

Ans – Hindi (हिन्दी)


Ques 17. What is the name of the highest mountain peak in the world?

Ans – Mount Everest


Ques 18. Where is the capital of Haryana?

Ans – Chandigarh (Union Territory)


Ques 19. Which is the largest country in the world?

Ans – Russia


Ques 20. When was the first modern computer invented?

Ans – 1946


Ques 21. How much money has been spent by the World bank for the vaccine of Covid-19.

Ans – $8 Million.


Ques 22. In which state of India first thunderstorm research testbed will be built?

Ans – Odisha


Ques 23. Which state is known as Rice bowl in India.

Ans – Chhattisgarh


Ques 24. What is the historical name of Patna, the capital of Bihar?

Ans – Pataliputra


Ques 25. Which hill station is known as Satpura ki Rani?

Ans – Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh)


Ques 26. In which city did the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre take place?

Ans – Amritsar (Punjab)


Ques 27. In which state of India is the Visakhapatnam port located?

Ans – Andhra Pradesh


Ques 28. When is National Science Day celebrate?

Ans – 28 February


Ques 29. When is Ravidas Jayanti celebrate in India?

Ans – 5 February


Ques 30. Which Himalayan peak is also known as Sagarmatha?

Ans – Mount Everest

General Knowledge (GK) General Knowledge Quiz Questions are asked in all Competitive Exams like Railway, NTPC, Group-D, CET, UPSC, PCS, Banking, SSC, CGL, JPSC, Police Exam, MPPSC etc. And we try to give you general knowledge quiz related to this type of exam. We bring you GK Question Answers related to subjects like History, Geography, Art & Culture, Science, Technologies, Environment, Politics etc.

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