Types of Computers

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Types of Computers

In this tutorial, you will learn different types of computers, which we all use in your daily life. In present different – different types of computers are available in world’s market, some computers are very fast (Super Computer) some are slow, general-purpose computers, minicomputer (Laptop) etc. Here you learn all types of computers one by one.

Types of Computers are; – Digital Computer, Analog Computer, Hybrid Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer, Mainframe computer, Super Computer, Special Purpose Computer, Laptop Computer, General Purpose Computer, Palmtop Computer, Personal Computer (PC), Workstation Computer, Client and Server. You learn about all these one by one.

Types of Computers

Based of Utility;

  • General Purpose Computer –

    A General Purpose Computer can perform an extensive variety of operations. It can store and execute different programs in its internal storage. All mainframes, servers, laptops and desktop computers, smartphones and tablets are the types of general-purpose computers.

  • Special Purpose Computer ;

    Special Purpose Computer and designed to solve specific problems. The instructions are pre-programmed permanently in the computer, it completely controlled by automate manufacturing processes.

    For examples are – Electronic voting machine (EVM), Aircraft Control Systems etc.

Based on Operation;

  • Digital Computer ;

    A Digital Computer is the most commonly used in is working with data represented in digital form, usually binary 0s ad 1s. if can perform faster and five more accurate results. They are extensively used for solving complex problems in the field of engineering and technology, design, research and data processing departments.

  • Analog Computer;

    An Analog computer stores data continuously in the form of physical quantities and perform calculation with the help of measure. It produces output in the form of a graph. They are used in the calculation of physical variable such as pressure, temperature, voltage, speed etc.

    Analog Computer studymuch.in

  • Hybrid Computer;

    A Hybrid Computer is a combined feature of Analog and Digital computers. In large industries and businesses, a Hybrid Computers can be used for logical operations as well as efficient processing of differential equations.

    Hybrid Computer studymuch.in

Based on Mode of Use;

  • Laptop Computer;

    A Laptop Computer are small and portable with less weight. It can be transported easily one place to other places and used in temporary space such as an Airplane, Meetings etc. small all places. They are designed for low power consumptions and have an attached keyboard and a touchpad.

    Laptop Computer

  • Palmtop Computer;

    Palmtop computers are small which can fit in the palm of a hand. The electronic pen is used to give an input. They have small disk storage and can be connected to a wireless network.

  • Personal Computer (PC);

    A personal computer is a cost-effective computer that is designed for a single end-user. PC is dependent on microprocessor technology, which allows PC makers to set the entire central processing unit (CPU) on a single chip. It run with the help of single chip system.

    Personal Computer studymuch.in

  • Client and Server;

    The server is a device that manages the sharing of network resources to the users. An application server, File server, Virtual server, Mail Server and some types of servers.

    A client is the receiving end of the service which made by the server. It requests the server and gains assess with the server.

  • Workstation;

    Workstation (WS) is faster than Personal Computer. It is designed for a user or group of users with better multitasking capability, additional Random-Access Memory. Higher-speed graphics adaptors and drive capacity.

Based on Configuration

  • Mini Computer;

    Minicomputers possess most of the features and capability of a large computer but are smaller in physical size, they are used as small or mid-range operating business and scientific applications.

    Minicomputer studymuch.in

  • Micro Computer;

    Microcomputers are small, inexpensive computer for personal uses. They are popularly used in homes for playing games and surfing the internet.

  • Super Computer;

    Supercomputer are powerful, expensive and the fastest computers. They have architectural and operational principals from parallel and grid processing for performing billions and trillions of calculations per second.

    Super computer are used for applications that require large number of mathematical computations like weather forecasting, fluid dynamic, graphic design etc.

    Super computer studymuch.in

  • Mainframe Computer

    Mainframe computer are expensive and large size computer and they are capable of supporting hundreds of users simultaneously. Mainframe computer are used for specific large-scale applications.

    mainframe Computer studymuch.in

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