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Why Blood is Red in Color

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Red Blood

Why Blood is Red in Color

In this article you will learn about the blood of our body (human body). You will read here why the color of blood is red and how it happens. Why is the color of the blood in our body red? Here you will know the functions of blood, types of blood and most importantly why the color of blood is red.

1. What is the function of blood in our body?

2. How many types of blood are there in our body?

3. Why Human Blood’s Color is Red?

Why Blood is Red

1. What is the function of blood in our body?

Blood is very useful for life. It works to deliver oxygen to every part of the body, and plays the role of providing protection against diseases. Blood has a major place in the operation of all the functions of the body. Normality: Three to four kilos of blood in a person’s body keeps on circulating throughout the body. And our life style depends on this. That’s why a constant, adequate supply of blood is essential for our bodies.


2. How many types of blood are there in our body?

The composition of our blood depends on two elements, liquid and solid. The liquid part is called plasma; While the solid part contains white blood, red blood cells, and platelets. (Red blood cell, White blood cell and platelets).

Plasma is a thick yellow color liquid, in which proteins, antibodies, fibrinogen, fats, salts, and carbohydrates etc. are mixed.

▪️ Protein is needed for the growth of our body.

▪️ Antibodies are needed to eliminate toxins.

▪️ It is done by fibrinogen to stop the flowing blood in case of cut or injury.

▪️ White blood cells fight against germs and work to keep us healthy.

▪️ Platelets are helpful in stopping the flow of blood.

Why Blood is Red

3. Why Blood is Red in color?

So many things are in the blood, yet it appears red to us because the number of red blood cells found in the blood is very high. If there is one white blood cell in the blood, then there are 700 red blood cells. The red color of red blood cells is due to a pigment called hemoglobin. Which is made up of iron and protein. Due to this pigment found in red blood ears, the color of blood is red.

So, in this article you read why the color of blood is red. And also you read the function of blood and its types, I hope you read well and learned something amazing.

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